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As an accomplished strategist, educator and speaker, Dr. Fletcher has developed actionable strategies for top Fortune 500 companies, guided leaders through change, as well as inspired and advised our future leaders at some of North America's top universities.

Through extensive corporate experience and a research-driven philosophy, Dr. Fletcher has developed a customized curriculum of cultural competency and professional development training and workshops to empower your team.

As Principal Consultant, Dr. Fletcher works closely with private and public-sector organizations seeking to build a more culturally competent workforce and growth-minded team environment.

Igniting the human spirit

                                 in life and career


Delivering research-based training and group facilitation to drive measurable development outcomes 

Training & Workshops

Leadership Development

Career Development

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence for Career and Life Success​​​

  • Developing and Managing Your Personal Brand

  • 10 Essential Soft Skills Everyone Needs

  • Building Leadership and Influence Skills

Newly Released Workshops

  • Developing Resilience

  • Becoming A Creative Problem Solver

  • Balancing Career and Life with Purpose

  • Goal Setting and Getting Things Done!

  • Presenting Your Ideas with Confidence and Purpose

Understanding and Reducing Implicit Bias

Culturally Competent Leadership

[Cohort Model]

Creating Safe Spaces for Social Discourse in the Workplace

Becoming an Effective Ally in the Workplace

Building Cultural Competency for Leadership Success

Impact of Culture, Race and Religion in the Workplace 


Dr. Fletcher discusses the lack of representation in "Big Tech" and the isolating effects on the sparse Black population in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Fletcher reflects on the stigma around mental health in the African American community along with the contributing cultural barriers. Read More


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Business Conference

A must-see for all HR professionals...thanks for being a great voice for change!

-Diversity & Inclusion Leader

Thank you Dr. Fletcher for the work you are doing! This is great and gives a voice to so many.

-Human Resources Director

Dr. Fletcher's talk on Bias in the Workplace was informative, impressive, reflective, challenging, and I could go on. Thank you!!

-Employee Services Director

Such an inspirational speaker and educator!


-Executive Director






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