A Professional Development Consultancy


Igniting the human spirit

                                 in life and career


Delivering research-driven cultural competency strategy and training to drive measurable team outcomes 

Training & Workshops

Business Development

Professional Development

  • ​​​Developing and Managing Your Personal Brand

  • Building Negotiation and Influence Skills

  • 10 Essential Soft Skills Everyone Needs

  • Building Leadership and Influence Skills

  • Managing Workplace Anxiety

Releasing Q1 2020

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence for Career and Life Success

  • Becoming A Creative Problem Solver

  • Balancing Career and Life with Purpose

  • Goal Setting and Getting Things Done!

Reducing Cultural Bias

in the Workplace

Presenting Your Ideas with Confidence and Purpose

Creating an Inclusive Employee Communications Strategy

Activating Your Resilience for Career and Life Success

Building Cultural Competency for Leadership Success

Impact of Culture, Race and Religion in the Workplace 

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