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As an accomplished keynote speaker, educator and strategist, Dr. Fletcher has developed actionable strategies for top Fortune 500 companies, guided leaders, as well as inspired and advised our future leaders at some of North America's top universities and institutions.

Through extensive organizational experience and a research-driven philosophy, Dr. Fletcher continues to jumpstart DEI strategies with his impactful keynote speaking and transformational trainings.

As Principal Consultant and Lead Facilitator, Dr. Fletcher works closely with private and public-sector organizations seeking to build a more inclusive organizational mindset and culturally competent workforce.

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Speaking on the 'most urgent threats to DEI', Dr. Fletcher delivered a transformational keynote address at Cornell University's first Belonging Symposium

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Dr. Fletcher reflects on the stigma around mental health in the African American community along with the contributing cultural barriers. Read More

Pride month controversies spark conversations about corporate allyship
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Shaun Fletcher
Shaun Fletcher
Shaun Fletcher, TEDxSJSU, Shaun Fletcher, TEDxSJSU, San Jose State University, Public Speaker San Jose, Unconscious Bias Trainer

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