From the challenges of growing up alongside five siblings with limited resources to spare, to working with executives at the most profitable corporation in the world, Dr. Fletcher faced and overcame many personal and professional challenges to find career success and interpersonal balance. 


Dr. Fletcher shares a unique story of setbacks and success, along with an unyielding desire to inspire others to be their best selves despite the obstacles of life. He has openly shared his humbling journey; being moments from death as a child to earning a top athletic scholarship after being told by doctors he'd never play sports again, to waiting tables after earning a PhD at the peak of an economic recession. Dr. Fletcher identifies with audiences large and small, corporate, academic, and faith-based, leaving them inspired and equipped with actionable insights to enrich their personal journey. 


So, what ignites the human spirit? Dr. Fletcher's personal and professional toolkit for building cultural competency, leadership and resilience is sure to leave you emotionally uplifted and invigorated to do your life's best work. 

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