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Impact of Culture, Race and Religion in the Workplace

As we continue to grow more diverse as a society, our racial, religious and cultural differences have become even more evident. These differences can either become sources of unification or division, both personally and in the workplace. Demonstrating an understanding of the importance of diversity and how culture, race and religion relate to the working environment has become a key metric for how top candidates are now identifying potential employers. 


This immersive and personal workshop aims to foster a better understanding of the impact of cultures, race and religion on people’s lives as well as within the workplace. The session will challenge participants to reflect on their own cultural identities and explore how this knowledge might help create an even more culturally inclusive organization.


Virtual | On-site

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Courses are best offered on-site, but can be customized to fit a remote format (i.e., Webex).
Workshops are instructer-led interactive trainings.
Courses are customizable, but typically range from 1 to 5 hours in length.


  • 1-hour

  • 2-hour (extended)