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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and inclusion is of immense importance, not simply because it is the right thing to do, but because people who feel valued will be more motivated and committed in helping organizations achieve and exceed their goals. The unfortunate truth is that high potential talent from diverse communities are leaving companies at an alarming rate, as I experienced first hand. Recruitment focus cannot take precedence at the detriment of retention efforts. We need diverse talent to feel valued and authentic in the workplace. Truly successful companies understand that diversity is a mentality, not just a strategic imperative. 


This information-intensive and interactive training is designed specifically to develop culturally competent leaders and to cultivate an organizational culture of understanding and respect. It will also allow leaders to navigate diverse spaces, respond to - and decrease - cultural conflict. The objective of the training is to facilitate sustainable, long-term cultural change within your leadership team and organization. 

This course is for employers and their employees who wish to adopt and foster a rich, diverse and inclusive workplace. It may be presented as part of on-the-job training for new employees or professional development for existing employees. Employers are encouraged to participate in this training as well in order to fully understand the role of a corporation in relation to diversity and inclusion training, awareness, adoption, and action.

Outline of Topics & Activities

Module One: Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

  • Review of Objectives/ Logistics of Workshop

  • Difference between diversity and inclusion 

  • Activity


Module Two: Understanding Diversity at a Deeper Level

  • What is diversity and how does it apply to the workplace?

  • Activity 


Module Three: Understanding Stereotypes in the Workplace

  • Identifying your own stereotypes

  • Working with biases in the workplace

  • Activity


Module Four: How to Break Down the Barriers to become Diverse and Inclusive

  • Identify barriers and biases

  • Activity


Module Five: Improving Communication Skills in the Workplace

  • Verbal communication cues and triggers

  • How to listen effectively 

  • Activity


Module Six: How to Improve Non-Verbal Communication Skills in the Workplace

  • Taking ownership of your communication skills

  • How to read others’ communication skills

  • Activity


Module Seven: Sensitivity in the Workplace

  • How much is too much? 

  • Where do you draw the line? 

  • Activity



Module Eight: Discrimination and How to Handle it

  • What to do if you experience discrimination or have to facilitate issues related to discrimination

  • Strategies to prevent discrimination

  • Activity


Module Nine: Managing Discrimination and Inclusion Complaints

  • Gather the facts

  • Determine solutions for a positive outcome

  • Activity


Module Ten: Conclusion and Overview

  • Review of Modules

  • Creating a plan for workplace diversity and inclusion goals

  • Activity





  • 3 hours (shortened)

  • 2 Days (6 hours)

On-site | Virtual

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