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Employee Learning Series:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Training provides participants with a thorough understanding of their role in creating and promoting a safe and welcoming work environment for colleagues and customers. Ensuring that a corporate organization is aware of cultural and organizational bias can provide the foundation for a diverse and inclusive workplace. Employers have a responsibility to create and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, but what’s more, there is strong evidence to suggest that workplaces that not only participate in, but adopt and encourage diverse and inclusive workplaces have better economic standing and revenue. It behooves an organization to train employees to create and promote, foster and encourage a diverse and inclusive workplace.  


Note:  Session topics may be substituted according to client needs. 


Leadership Cohort Module Series

Module 1:  Understanding Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Overview

    • Through this module we will define diversity, equity and inclusion and make a case for its value both inside and out of the workplace. We will outline the conceptual differences between inclusion and diversity, while offering action steps to develop an inclusive mindset and workplace environment.  

Module 2:  Implicit Bias: Understanding Bias & Identities 


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to identify the development and perpetuation of stereotypes which lead to bias and social disparities. Participants will also begin to investigate their own biases through various interactive exercises.  


Module 3:  Implicit Bias: Breaking Down Barriers 


  • Overview

    • We are each responsible for changing our stereotypes and breaking down the barriers. In this module we will begin to challenge our inherent biases and discuss ways to encourage personal and workplace changes. 


Module 4:  Discussing Social and Controversial Issues 


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to identify ways to have uncomfortable, yet meaningful conversations in the workplace and at home. Participants will begin to understand the sources of conflict, ways to manage conflict, and learn to engage in conversations around uncomfortable subjects in a supportive, nonjudgmental way.

Module 5:  Towards Becoming an Effective Ally


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to understand what being an ally means both inside and out of the workplace. Participants will assess their own assumptions and discuss tangible steps to becoming an ally to marginalized and underrepresented groups.




  • 5-session model

    • 90 minutes or 2-hours (extended)

    • Monthly or Quarterly

Virtual | On-site

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