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Understanding and Reducing Implicit Bias


Social scientific research shows that traditional Implicit (or Unconscious) Bias training has proven effective in building awareness of our implicit biases, but tends to fall short of measurably reducing them. Addressing cognitive barriers and bias in a meaningful and sustainable way requires ongoing and interactive dialogue to combat factors that operate below the level of our social consciousness. While this is not a tactical "quick fix," a careful and methodical approach has measurable benefits for team dynamics in the workplace. Reducing individual bias can foster positive intergroup relationships while building a teams capacity for inclusive productive excellence and engagement. 


This interactive session is designed to identify and challenge cultural biases that can disrupt team dynamics and productivity. We strategically bring together participants of different and common social identities to learn and engage about their differences and perspectives on diversity and social issues. Our facilitated, structured approach will cover issues related to race, ethnicity  gender, sexual orientation, religious identity, ability status, citizenship and socieconomic background. The goal of this workshop is not to manufacture agreement, but to equip participants with the critical tools necessary to understand and respect our differences while dealing with cultural conflicts that often divide us. 

This session asks the question, "Who are you bringing to the workplace?" Participants will leave both inspired and challenged to investigate the people they are away from the workplace, understanding that our biases don't originate at work. 




  • 90-min session

  • Duration flex option available

On-site | *Virtual 

*Virtual format is limited to select group sizes and situations. Inquire. 

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