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Becoming a Culturally Competent Leader [Cohort]


Cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. Becoming culturally competent requires that we begin to challenge our assumptions and norms that have been socialized within us since childhood. At its core, cultural competence encompasses (1) being aware of one's own world view (2) developing positive attitudes towards cultural differences (3) gaining knowledge of different cultural practices and world views. 

The process towards cultural competency is a longterm commitment that necessitates continuous self-reflection and purposeful self-awareness. To that end, our leadership cohort model has been designed to offer a format for those committed to longterm meaningful development. This immersive experience establishes a roadmap towards becoming culturally competent people and leaders that we need in our society and workplaces.  


Note:  Session topics may be substituted according to client needs. 


Leadership Cohort Module Series

Module 1:  Implicit Bias: Understanding Bias & Identities | Month 1


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to identify the development and perpetuation of stereotypes which lead to bias and social disparities. Participants will also begin to investigate their own biases through various interactive exercises.  


Module 2:  Implicit Bias: Breaking Down Barriers | Month 2


  • Overview

    • We are each responsible for changing our stereotypes and breaking down the barriers. In this module we will begin to challenge our inherent biases and discuss ways to encourage personal and workplace changes. 


Module 3:  Discussing Social and Controversial Issues  | Month 3 


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to identify ways to have uncomfortable, yet meaningful conversations in the workplace and at home. Participants will begin to understand the sources of conflict, ways to manage conflict, and learn to engage in conversations around uncomfortable subjects in a supportive, nonjudgmental way.


Module 4:  Towards Taking Action | Month 4 


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to understand the process involved in social change and the different levels and types of actions we can take. Participants will also explore the reasons why we do and do not take action, as well as what shapes our motivation and readiness to take action. 


Module 5:  Towards Becoming an Effective Ally | Month 5 


  • Overview

    • Through this module we will begin to understand what being an ally means both inside and out of the workplace. Participants will assess their own assumptions and discuss tangible steps to becoming an ally to marginalized and underrepresented groups.



  • 5-session cohort model

    • 90 minutes or 2-hours (extended)

    • Monthly or Bi-weekly

Virtual | On-site

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