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Keys to Effective Public Speaking

Of the many differences that human beings possess, one commonality that most would agree upon is the intense apprehension of speaking in front of an audience. From large meetings to phone conferences and webinars, communicating your message clearly and compelling continues to be a competency that catapults careers, as well as stalls them. Becoming a skilled and confident speaker will immediately place you among a scarce group of professionals, opening an avenue to even greater career opportunities. 


This immersive and very personal training is designed to holistically develop confidence through blending core skill-building and identifying areas of passion that will lead to personal and career fulfillment. The session will also teach practical skills around crafting, structuring and delivery to successfully represent yourself persuasively and with confidence. Part two of the session will explore the structure of an excellent presentation, identify the qualities of an exceptional presenter, best practices of audience analysis, and offer tips to overcome the barrier of fear. 


Virtual | On-site

Workshop | 1-on-1 Coaching


  • 90-mins

  • 2-hour (extended)

  • Varies/Ongoing (1 on 1)


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