Activating Your Resilience for Career and Life Success

Resilience is being increasingly recognized as a very important competency to demonstrate not only in life, but in the workplace. In the increasingly complex and competitive context of today’s working environment, the ability for individuals and organizations to navigate mental and emotional barriers is essential for business and personal success.


The Resilience Workshop is skills-based and highly interactive. Participants learn and practice a range of skills they can use throughout their day. This immersive session teaches participants how to control and reduce stress quickly, while building long-term stress resilience.  Participants learn how to recharge and develop practical strategies for integrating these skills into their working day.


Virtual | On-site

Workshop | 1on1 Coaching

Courses are best offered on-site, but can be customized to fit a remote format (i.e., Webex).
Workshops are instructer-led interactive trainings.
Courses are customizable, but typically range from 1 to 5 hours in length.


  • 2-hours

  • Full Day (4-hours)